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up on the roof-1Up On the Roof
When this old world starts a-gettin’ you down, can a view from the roof cure your blues? You never know till you try it, right? So I did.


Dear People-1

Dear People:
World War II Letters From My Dad to the Folks Back Home
A tribute to the vet I knew best – my dad, Walt Scheiber – a brave crew member on a B24 Liberator bomber over Europe during World War II. Though most of this piece was actually written by him at the time, he wasn’t one to talk about his wartime experiences in the aftermath. Dad died at 92, several years ago. So, much as I wanted to, I couldn’t check the details with him. But I hope I got them right.

Love Objects-1Love Objects
What is it with us and our stuff? Our small stuff and our everyday stuff. Here are some stories that give us a clue about the stuff we love. And why.


mom-12Mom at 95:
Still Barbara After All These Years
There’s Old. And then there’s 95 Years Old. How does THAT feel? Only 0.1% of us knows. So let’s ask my Mom. Because she’s one who does.


topten-titleTop Ten Countdown:
What I Learned This Year From Breast Cancer 

Yup. Cancer. Finally able to write about it. In countdown form.



the h-word-1The H Word
Happiness. Seriously. It matters. Not as much as oxygen and water and gravity and light. But right up there. Way beyond those “have a nice day” smiley faces. Actually one of survival’s necessities.


talking in color-1Talking in Color
True story. About being shy. Thinking in color. And a late-life, father-daughter bond formed in spite of one and because of the other.


small wonder-1Small Wonder
The Grand Canyon. The Great Wall. The Nobel Prize. True love. The big wonders. They take your breath away. Small wonders lend you the comforts and joys that help you make it through the days.


beachdancers8x10Shortcuts to Happiness
Are there shortcuts to happiness? After drawing & writing (and dancing) my way around that question, my best guess is: YES. I hope the results leave you smiling, too.


mom's old house-1Mom Says Goodbye to Her Old House
I took my mom to visit her old house for one last time. Home – the beloved familiar – empty rooms crowded with memories. It felt right to take the time to say goodbye. And to write (& draw) a little something about it, as well.


downton abbey-4Mom & I Get Ready to Watch the Final Season of Downton Abbey.
Downton Abbey Final Season Premiere: How the Big Night played out in Our Little House! Exclusive pictures, details, and bonus recipe for those who stay tuned to the end!


rockin the purple-4Rockin’ the Purple
Who knew that purple hair would prompt a learning experience? But that’s what happened. So I wrote about it.



Here’s The Thing. here's the thing-8
Sometimes a thing is more than a thing. Sometimes a thing is a pathway to memory. That’s the kind of thing I’m thinking about right now.


Living in the Vast Maybe: maybe-1
A Modest Proposal

Once in awhile, you need a new name for the phase of life you’re going through. This is one of those times.


flamingo-closeup3 Days Away
A chronicle in pictures & words of a short but sweet  sentimental (and quirky) journey.



cook-eat-shareCook. Eat. Share.
Let’s talk about cooking. Which – if you ask me – has a great deal in common with life. Preparation. Improvisation. Practice. Even with old stand-by dishes, sometimes things turn out unexpectedly. Pretty much the way things go in life.


Susan-Spangler, Shy-girl-talking, Pictures-&-words

The Road Across the River
A story about life, love and loss. And driving with full hearts, over a river and through the woods.



But wait! There’s more!

SusanSpangler, #shygirl, #kindness, #gratitude, #family, #familylove, #inspiration, #encouragement, #affirmation, #boundaries, #stress, #comfortzoneSunday Afternoon, Mid-November
Collecting leaves and memories on a rainy fall walk with my 91-year-old Mom.



Send in the Clouds.purplesunset
A meditation on clouds and why they draw our eyes to the sky.



SusanSpangler, #shygirl, #kindness, #gratitude, #family, #familylove, #inspiration, #encouragement, #affirmation, #boundaries, #stress, #comfortzoneWading Barefoot
I need a break from the news. Sometimes you can get so informed that you feel like you’re, well, waist deep in the big muddy. You’ve got to wade to shore and give your boots some time to dry.


SusanSpangler, #shygirl, #kindness, #gratitude, #family, #familylove, #inspiration, #encouragement, #affirmation, #boundaries, #stress, #comfortzone

Always Thank the Pizza Guy.
Now it can be told! A Domino’s pizza guy helped save me from my abusive husband. Really.




SusanSpangler, #shygirl, #kindness, #gratitude, #family, #familylove, #inspiration, #encouragement, #affirmation, #boundaries, #stress, #comfortzoneThe Family Tree
We are family. All of us. Sisters and brothers, hearts and memories, branches and roots. That’s the inspiration for a new song that celebrates our shared human experience.




SusanSpangler, #shygirl, #kindness, #gratitude, #family, #familylove, #inspiration, #encouragement, #affirmation, #boundaries, #stress, #comfortzoneWonderful
Reverential guests attending a Buddhist Kalachakra ceremony share a lobby with a large and raucous crowd lining up for Gay Bingo Night. What could go wrong?