A Year’s Worth of Comforts & Joys


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Six Passover Stories (plus a prologue)

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The Gift of Good Days

TheGiftofGoodDays2-1TheGiftofGoodDays2-2The Gift of Good Days

TheGiftofGoodDays2-4TheGiftofGoodDays2-5TheGiftofGoodDays2-6TheGiftofGoodDays2-7TheGiftofGoodDays2-8TheGiftofGoodDays2-9TheGiftofGoodDays2-10TheGiftofGoodDays2-11TheGiftofGoodDays2-12The Gift of Good DaysThe Gift of Good DaysTheGiftofGoodDays2-15

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“See their faces. Say their names.” DOWNLOADABLE POSTER


As a followup to the “See their faces. Say their names.” essay and pictures that I posted earlier this month, about African American victims of lynching in America, I’ve created a poster that includes all 35 of the portraits that appeared there. The people in these portraits represent the thousands of Black people who have been lynched in this country. All of their lives have mattered.

This poster file is available for downloading free of charge to anyone who would like to print it. It can be reproduced clearly up to 24″x18″ in size. (To download, just right-click or control-click on the image of the poster, and choose “save image as.”)

By downloading it, you are acknowledging that I hold the copyright and therefore are agreeing that no one else will present this art as their work or sell it for their own profit. (Charitable organizations may be excepted. Please contact me to make an arrangement for that kind of use.) Beyond that, I think it would be totally wonderful for you to share this with others, as long as those conditions are understood and agreed to.

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See their faces. Say their names.







Brandon McClelland

Brandon McClelland. See his face. Say his name.



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A Protest Song in the Time of Pandemic

And now for something completely different. Because these days, what isn’t?

Here’s a video – created with more than a little help from a friend – and inspired by both current events and the protest songs we used to sing when we marched for civil rights and for peace. It’s set to the tune of Bob Dylan’s anthem “Times They Are A-Changin.”

Hope you’ll take a listen, sing along, share it – and stay well!



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Still Life With Bleach

Still life cover

Still life14A50CECA-2E0C-42DF-972C-5AF29D353EEE


Still life Clorox

Still life purell

Still life soap

Still life Lysol

Still life mask

Still life hand wipes

Still life spring

Still life 11-12



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Small Things Considered


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Up on the Roof

up on the roof-1up on the roof-2up on the roof-3up on the roof-4up on the roof-5up on the roof-6up on the roof-7up on the roof-8up on the roof-9up on the roof-10up on the roof-11up on the roof-12

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Dear People: World War II Letters From My Dad

Dear People-1Dear People-2Dear People-3Dear People-4Dear People-5Dear People-6Dear People-7Dear People-8Dear People-9Dear People-10Dear People-11Dear People-12Dear People-13Dear People-14Dear People-15Dear People-16Dear People-17

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