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I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, observer and survivor. My website,, contains a wide portfolio of my projects and images – some for pay, most for love, many for both. These graphic essays are inspired by things that catch my eye, my ear, my heart. Funny, confounding, astounding and encouraging, all at once. You know. Life.

The Gift of Good Days

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“See their faces. Say their names.” DOWNLOADABLE POSTER

As a followup to the “See their faces. Say their names.” essay and pictures that I posted earlier this month, about African American victims of lynching in America, I’ve created a poster that includes all 35 of the portraits that … Continue reading

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See their faces. Say their names.


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A Protest Song in the Time of Pandemic

And now for something completely different. Because these days, what isn’t? Here’s a video – created with more than a little help from a friend – and inspired by both current events and the protest songs we used to sing … Continue reading

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Still Life With Bleach


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Small Things Considered

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The Best Things

The Best Things in Life?
Divorce at the end of a long marriage: Not one of them. But that’s the thing that’s going on in my life right now. Working my way through it is, for one thing, making me think about what those fabled “best things” are. And why they matter. Continue reading

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Up on the Roof

When this old world starts a-gettin’ you down, look up. There’s peace to be found in the clouds. Anyhow, for now. Continue reading

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Dear People: World War II Letters From My Dad

With Veterans Day on the horizon, this feels like a good time to post a tribute to the vet I knew best – my dad, Walt Scheiber – a brave crew member on a B24 Liberator bomber over Europe during World War II. Though most of this piece was actually written by him at the time, he wasn’t one to talk about his wartime experiences in the aftermath. Dad died at 92, three years ago this October. So, much as I wanted to, I couldn’t check the details with him. But I hope I got them right. And I hope you find this trip back in time with him as fascinating as I did. Continue reading

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Love Objects

What is it with us and our stuff? Our small stuff and everyday stuff. Here are some stories that give us a clue about the stuff we love and why. Continue reading

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