A Protest Song in the Time of Pandemic

And now for something completely different. Because these days, what isn’t?

Here’s a video – created with more than a little help from a friend – and inspired by both current events and the protest songs we used to sing when we marched for civil rights and for peace. It’s set to the tune of Bob Dylan’s anthem “Times They Are A-Changin.”

Hope you’ll take a listen, sing along, share it – and stay well!



About Susan Spangler

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, observer and survivor. My website, www.susanspangler.com, contains a wide portfolio of my projects and images – some for pay, most for love, many for both. These graphic essays are inspired by things that catch my eye, my ear, my heart. Funny, confounding, astounding and encouraging, all at once. You know. Life.
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5 Responses to A Protest Song in the Time of Pandemic

  1. Patty Dann says:

    Wow! So great to see this!! Talented family! You’re a great team!

  2. Eileen Lavine says:

    That was terrific – both the song and your illustrations! Spread it around.
    Eileen Lavine

  3. Barbara Scheiber says:

    Excellent! I loved it. Good job. A great message. Stay home, stay safe.

  4. Stephen Corbin says:

    I love the video. You are surely doing your part. You should send it to Morning Joe. Be well, be safe.

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