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Up on the Roof

When this old world starts a-gettin’ you down, look up. There’s peace to be found in the clouds. Anyhow, for now. Continue reading

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Mom at 95: Still Barbara After All These Years

There’s old. And then there’s 95 years old. What does THAT feel like? Let’s ask my mom. Because she knows. Continue reading

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Mom Says Goodbye to Her Old House

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Send in the Clouds

My mother taught me to love clouds. “Look at that beautiful sunset!” she’d sigh. How many times did she marvel at the sky before I heard her words? No way to know. Because, like all kids, I could tell the … Continue reading

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a little more comfort

Thinking about comfort zones reminded me of a journal entry from several years ago, about the flowers I’d planted out front that summer. In the midst of some hard times, that little garden and the enormous oak tree standing over … Continue reading

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