Top Ten Countdown: What I Learned This Year From Breast Cancer


About Susan Spangler

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, observer and survivor. My website,, contains a wide portfolio of my projects and images – some for pay, most for love, many for both. These graphic essays are inspired by things that catch my eye, my ear, my heart. Funny, confounding, astounding and encouraging, all at once. You know. Life.
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18 Responses to Top Ten Countdown: What I Learned This Year From Breast Cancer

  1. Marianne says:

    Love you!

  2. elsa tranter says:

    brilliant post, Susie! Have passed on to my dearest and nearest. Hang in there! So glad we’re connected, if not quite joined at the hip!!

    love, elsa

  3. Jamie Greenblatt says:

    Your post was shared by Elsa Tranter with me. I’m an ovarian cancer patient. I wrote a play inspired by my experience, “Female, Ashkenazi with a Sewing Machine.” L’chaim!

  4. carolpeacock says:

    Susie, Your account of your journey with cancer brought tears to my eyes! What a powerful story, sprinkled with recipes, wit (!) and so much wisdom. I especially loved the gratitude part. Thank you for writing this Susie. Such a gift you’ve given us all. Love, Carol

  5. Patty Dann says:

    Susie, you make beautiful art out of everything. You are amazing. This is amazing.

  6. valerietate says:

    Gosh, Susie! I love the gift you have given us here! Clear, concise, honest, sincere, imaginative, informative, inspiring, admirable, courageous… I could go on and on. Thank you! Is it okay if I post this on Facebook? I have many friends who are in treatment, in the diagnosis phase, or in the clear following treatment. I’m sure they would enjoy your beautiful work. ❤

    • Thank you so much, Valerie! I’d be honored if you shared it on facebook. Finally being able to write these words (and draw the pictures) was a huge relief – a huge step on this path. Deep breath. Big sigh. And now on to the land of whatever-comes-next.

  7. Anastasia and Tom says:

    Thank you for sharing…May your story give others hope and encouragement. We love you and so proud of you!!!

  8. Steve Corbin says:

    Wow, what a journey you have experienced and now shared in duch a unique and insightful way. Many of us were not aware of all that you have been going through. We can be thankful for how you have managed this (yes, you moved from shock to in control to a great extent) and your story provides guideposts to friends and strangers as to what to expect from the most serious life challenges, cancer or otherwise, and how to engage and move forward. Keep on keeping on dear friend. There are so many people with you at so many levels.

    • Steve – Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. At any given moment, we’re all coping with something – and connecting with each other about those moments, both large and small, means so much. All my best.

  9. Justin Resley says:

    Beautiful Susie, I’m so pleased to experience your art and storytelling expertise online. Always love you!


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