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Shortcuts to Happiness

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. Continue reading

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Mom Says Goodbye to Her Old House

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Here’s the Thing

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3 Days Away

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Sunday Afternoon, Mid-November

This morning it rained, and the afternoon was gray and mild. The past week the weather’s been up and down. For a few days, it felt like the middle of winter. Then it backtracked to early fall. November’s like that … Continue reading

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Always thank the Pizza Guy.

Writing makes you think about boundaries. How much to reveal. How much to hold back. Never mind writing. All it really takes to think about boundaries is living in the world with other people. Sometimes you want to talk to … Continue reading

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I don’t usually talk about this, but thinking up scary things is one of my special talents. No matter what happens, I can always imagine something worse. I don’t have to try. Fear just comes naturally to me. You might … Continue reading

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Take your worries for a walk.

Sing your worries a song. Dance with them. Tell them a joke. Or bake them a pie. I love this idea. I mean, I totally love it. It’s the rarest of gifts: a brand new idea. At least  it is … Continue reading

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